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Looking for a cat?

We have kittens and cats looking for their forever home.

Alley Cats Rescue

Our aim is to rescue stray and feral kittens from the streets, and re-home these to responsible, loving forever homes. 

We are based in Buckinghamshire and are operating at a small, mainly local level but we will travel to deliver or collect cats or kittens, within reason!

We operate purely from the donations we can raise through our own fundraising activities so any help you feel you can give will be gratefully received.

100% of the donations we receive go to the charity and they are gratefully received. 

If you'd like to fundraise for us, we can provide some ideas of what we've done in the past. Or sponsor one of the events we have lined up.

Our vision is to be able to find a loving, secure forever home for every cat or kitten that comes to our door. We ensure all cats are neutered and healthy before they are rehomed.

07712 670 574
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